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If you would like to join the Linde Community Garden, please read the garden rules then download, fill out and return the membership form...


There will be an annual fee, and once your application has been approved by the Management Committee you'll receive the information you need to start gardening!

NOTE: To view the membership form just select the link above and the PDF will be displayed in your browser window. To download the membership form right click on the link and select 'Save Link As...' from the browser menu.

Filling Out The Membership Form

You can fill in the form by printing it and filling it out by hand or by using software to enter your details into it directly.

If you need software, here are some free alternatives...


LibreOffice is a free and open-source office productivity software suite (similar to Microsoft Office) that can do this and is available for all main operating systems and mobile devices.

Online Editors

Probably the easiest way to fill out a PDF form is to use an online editor service. The service is free for small documents and there is no need to signup for an account.

Benefits of becoming a member

Benefit 1: Growing Your Own

Is there anything more satisfying than growing your own fruit and vegetables? That first taste of a fresh tomato, the thrill of picking a strawberry and eating it straight away. With the Linde Community Garden you'll have access to the freshest green grocers in town.

Benefit 2: Learning from Others

You might be an expert in potatoes but know nothing about beans - in a community garden you're likely to run into somebody who can teach you, and who wants to learn from you about potatoes. Some of the learning is informal sharing, and some is through workshops and special events with experts.

Benefit 3: Creating Community

Someone once said, "Flowers grow in flower gardens; vegetables grow in vegetable gardens, and people grow in community gardens." Get to know neighbours and make new friends as we tackle the challenges and reap the harvests of gardening together.

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