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The Linde Community Garden is in the western corner of the beautifully refurbished Dunstone Grove / Linde Reserve, across from the Avenues Shopping Centre in Stepney. Entry is via Stepney Street, through the car park. We are a shared garden - members work on and harvest from the entire site. Join us!

What's happening in the garden?

The garden has over 60 individual garden beds plus we have recently installed several wicking beds which are raised garden beds. The Wicking beds are at an ideal height for gardening from a seated position and will allow all members of the community who wish to grow their own produce to become active members of the garden. To this end we have made the garden accessible to people confined to a wheelchair or need to use similar mobility aids by paving certain areas of the garden to allow traversing around the garden beds easier and the ability to join in on other activities held at the garden.

We also hold quarterly members meetings where we meet to discuss garden activities and ideas and stay for lunch where we light our wood fired Pizza Oven and share a meal and socialise with other members of the garden.

We acknowledge the Kaurna people

Kaurna meyunna, Kaurna yerta, ngadlu tampendi. We recognise Kaurna people and their land.

All about our garden

  • Organic Practices
  • Water Harvesting
  • Waste Reduction
  • Composting Worm Farms
  • Solar System - Up to date solar moisture meter
  • Local Food Production - Where fresh organic food/veggies/herbs/fruit and flowers can be grown


Our garden has a number of plots, and as old members leave there is a chance for new members to join.


Our location


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